We have two new scholarships
to allow those who need some help to attend
Stage Lighting Super Saturday.

Sonny Sonnenfeld Memorial Scholarship
Philips, Strand Lighting   Sonny began our workshop, along with Scott Parker, in order to introduce and train young people interested in stage lighting. It is in this tradition that Philips-Strand Lighting has sponsored this scholarship.
Sonny Sonnenfeld at Stage Lighting Super Saturday


Barbizon Educational Scholarship


The Barbizon Lighting Company will sponsor multiple scholarships for students attending Stage Lighting Super Saturday

Barbizon light

"Developing programs that provide educational opportunities for the next generation of the lighting industry is a priority for Barbizon Lighting and has long been one of our guiding principles," said Barbizon Lighting's President and CEO Tom Madden. "These scholarships provide access and financial support to students who show promise and passion in the field but are not otherwise able to afford admission. The experience allows these promising students the rare opportunity to glean wisdom and inspiration from accomplished industry veterans. Barbizon Lighting hopes these scholarship recipients will someday grow into the industry-leading lighting designers that we see and read about."

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