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All of these listed rates are discounted $50 if you register by the early bird deadline of 1/18/19. You may register by clicking on the registration link above. You can use either Paypal or send us a check. You can call with a credit card if needed, but we charge a minor $5 phone service fee.

Please note that the check must reach us within five days of registration to qualify for the early-bird discount. Visit us on Facebook.com/stageseminars

Standard attendee rate is $150

Members of the following groups qualify for various discounts.

IA, USA, USITT, KCTF, Teachers, and Students. You may also be eligible for a discount if you are a client of one of the many sponsor/manufacturers who help make this workshop possible. Please contact either your member organization/vendor for your special discount code.

Group rates: Yes, it's true. We offer group rates, as follows:

5 or more = $25 off each person

10 or more = $35 off each person

Don't forget, these discounts are in addition, (yes, that's right: in addition) to the early bird discount. Signing up is simple. You will need the name and contact info for each member in the group to use the on-line system.

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